Morning Star

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Morning Star
Seeds of Freedom
Indica 60 / Sativa 40
Origins: Sensi Star x Leda Uno
Flowering: 49-56 days
morning-starMorning Star was developed in 2004 with outdoor growing in mind. The goal was to create a potent, high -resin variety that finished early. Breeder D, the chief genetic engineer at Seeds of Freedom took one of his favorite plants, an F2 Sensi Star female, and crossed it with an early flowering Leda Uno male. In testing, this male reacted quickly to the change in photoperiod. The male Leda Uno helped increase the yield and shorten the ripening time, producing plants that finish early with impressive resin development and potency.
Morning Star seeds produce fast growing seedlings that develop into sturdy, branchy plants. The plants are light green color at optimum health, producing thin, long,sativa-like leaves with slight internode stretch. Because plants are speedy and branchy growers, they establish themselves quickly outdoors and can get quite large, especially if they were started indoors and moved outside. Plants that are pruned can get very bushy from the strong side branching, which leads to large yields. One must take care when growing outdoors during a wet season, as some mold problems can occur. This variety has been cultivated outdoors since its creation, and the ripening time is fairly consistent and reliable. It can be harvested from September 1-15th in Ontario, which is between 42-52 degrees N latitude.
Morning Star is low on the smell factor while in the garden, exuding a fresh aroma that makes it suitable for indoor gardens, where it is best as a multi-branch plant. If the bottom branches are trimmed, these plants can also work in a sea of green, producing large yields of fruity floral buds when flowered for 7-8 weeks. The taste has a fruity lemon-citrus subtlety, even exuding a slight citrus tone on the exhale.
Morning Star produces a cheerful, upbeat, and functional buzz, which makes it a great smoke among friends. The high comes on quickly and is fairly long lasting. This is a great smoke to start off the day. With its delightful taste and motivational high, it may just become your Morning Star.