Nirvana Special

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Nirvana Special
Nirvana Seeds
Sativa 75 / Indica 25
Origins: Jock Horror x sativa from Oaxaca Mexico
Flowering: 77-84 days
Harvest: mid November
nirvana-specialThe sativa-dominant Nirvana Special is for pot lovers who like a functional, creative sativahigh, and plant lovers who want to organically nurture a small indoor garden yielding superior taste and potency.
Nirvana Special sprouts lanky, inquisitive branches that are easier to control when plants are grown as multi-branched rather than pruned for sea of green style gardening. Nirvana raises this strain at 12 or fewer plants per square meter under a 600-watt lamp, and starts flowering this strain when she roots, rather than holding her in vegetative growth, because she grows rapidly to fill the space. A plant put into flowering at 20 centimeters will finish at over a meter. her yield is respectable, but her flowering time is long at 11 or 12 weeks. She may produce a few male flowers during the last week of flowering.
Hydro gardening offers the best yield, up to 400g per square meter, but soil gardened crops smell and taste better. Nirvana Special leaves are medium-sized and apple green, tending toward crimson in colder environments. Rather than forming a few large colas, Nirvana Special produces fluffy popcorn buds at multiple sites. Each pocket in these buds is lined with trichomes. organic nutrients also bring out this strain’s unique sweet-sour taste, like a tart grape candy.
Nirvana Special’s high dissolves apathy and laziness. It’s energetic , blissful and playful. This variety can enhance an afternoon of barbeque and frisbee, or a morning of creative work. Connoisseurs who make cannabis part of an active life appreciate this strain’s taste and buzz.