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Seedbank: Buddha Seeds

Genetics: Hybrid

Pure Indica x Sativa BX

Spain’s Buddha Seeds are highly thought of in the Spanish cannabis community and rightly so; their mixes of indica and sativa genetics never disappoint, and tend to exhibit the best of both species.

Quasar part of a pure Indica and Sativa backcrossed that unites the best of both varieties in a successful hybrid.

Vigorous growth that reduces indoor growing time and get beautiful outdoor individuals; strong structure that supports the weight of a heavy, hard and compact to almost seem pressed buds.

Astonishing potency, strong effect of euphoric tendency without nervousness marked.

With Quasar a perfect balance indica-sativa that satisfied both connoisseurs for its quality as commercial growers for their produce.

Indoor flowering 75 days.

Harvest month outside (Iberian Peninsula): Late September.

Origins Pure Indica x Sativa BX
Flowering 75 days
THC 18%