Raspberry Cough

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Raspberry Cough
Nirvana Seeds
Sativa 70 / Indica 30
Origins: Cambodian x Ice
Flowering: 65 days
raspberry-coughRaspberry Cough is a red-haired F1 cross of Nirvana’s famed Ice with a Cambodian landrace mother strain. The tropical high-THC mother has characteristics similar to Thai and other regional strains from Southeast Asia that make them such enviable building blocks for excellent sativa quality. The Ice father is a red skunk with some white strains in the family tree and is a rapid growth hybrid known for above average yields.
This hybrid is sativa-dominant, retaining some of the stretchy open structure of its mother, but she grows and finishes more quickly than pure sativa strains. Those who live in a forgiving climate can plant Raspberry Cough outside in may and harvest at the end of October. Two-thirds of the height gain happens during flowering, so indoor gardeners should force flowering with this in mind. Raspberry Cough is not too branchy and stays narrow, allowing plants to be placed close in a sea of green, with average yields in this setup between 400-500 grams per square meter. Like most sativa-dominant plants, Raspberry Cough’s performance is very closely tied to environmental conditions.
Raspberry buds are neither fluffy nor super dense. They are thin and long, like cattails, with many red hairs. They will turn bluish if night temperatures cool down during the final weeks of flowering. The high from these frosty colas is awake yet tranquil, with a lung expansive quality. Its clearheaded, alert, and functional yet peaceful influence is recommended for medicinal purposes. It is also good for preventive medicine, rejuvenating the spirit and serving as a great companion for healthy activities such as nature hikes, meditation, or savoring the natural flavors of nature’s best foods. Raspberry Cough’s profusion of herb, mint, spice, and tropical floral freshness might be counted among natures’ yummy offerings.