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Mandala Seeds
Indica 70 / Sativa 30
Origins: Kashmir, North India
Flowering: 60-65 days
Harvest: late September
sadhuSadhu is a homage to the legendary ganja from India’s high altitude valleys, and to the wandering ascetics, or sadhus, who keep the traditions of cannabis cultivation and ritual and recreational use alive. Sadhu’s parentage is a combination of a specially adapted landrace male from the Himalayan heights, and one of Mandala’s short flowering indica–sativahybrids. This strain is a terrific choice for beginners, or anyone who desires a high yielding and potent indica that requires only basic plant care to thrive.
Mandala’s latest seed stock has improved the uniformity of the flowering time and height among individual plants without losing any of their hybrid vigor. Sadhu is Madala’s shortest indica, finishing at 2.5 to 3.5 feet – a robust and compact stature ideal for restricted spaces such as grow boxes, or incognito balcony grows, or for raising bushy, medium-tall plants outdoors. Sadhu thrives in all grow systems, including organic systems that use quality potting soil. Her controlled size make her a good sea of green strain. For indoor cultivation in soil, Mandala recommends forcing Sadhu into flowering when the plants reach about 2 feet.
Outdoor cultivation works best up to 45 degrees North latitude or in climates with a dry autumn. This hardy, weather-resistant variety will usually finish by mid-September in Southern latitudes. In extreme Northern climates, expect to wait 2 weeks longer. If clones are planted late, around summer solstice, their flowering time can be shortened by up to two weeks. Excellent results can also be achieved in the greenhouse.
Trichome production is very generous on Sadhu’s leaves and buds. these plants develop a fresh candy aroma, with some leaning toward a bubblegum scent. As they dry, these beautifully rounded buds take on a sweet-fruity honeydew melon scent and flavor with just a bit of spice in the exhale. Sadhu’s resiny leaves and buds produce generous amounts of wonderfully flagrant hash of fine quality that is reminiscent of India’s traditional hand-rolled charas.
The word sadhu originates from Hinduism and describes an ascetix holy man. These are the stereotypical wise mountain hermits, living in caves, seeking wisdom, and through their spiritual practices, burning off karma. Mandala’s Sadhu strain offers a meditative indica high – relaxed and oceanic, but clear-headed. This potent effect builds up gradually, coarsing thru the body in a warm current; it can be overwhelming if smoked continuously before the full effect creeps up on you. Sadhy’s peaceful stone can sooth stress-related disorders such as hyperactivity and insomnia. Some medical growers also report that is has antidepressant properties and the strain has benefited cancer patients.