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Origins: Afghani x Northern Lights
Flowering: 55-60 days
Harvest: late September
slyderIn the 1980s, just after the Soviet Union withdrew from Afghanistan, a cannabis explorer from Amsterdam set off to meet the traditional ganja farmers of the Khyber Pass. She gained their trust by sharing stashes with them, and returned home with a selection of rare Afghan seeds chosen for their sedative qualities. Traditional hash strain like these tend to be acclimated to Afghanistan, thus ill-suited for either indoor growth of for outdoor conditions in the Netherlands. But crossing the Afghan seeds with Northern Lights resulted in an ideal indoor-adapted sedative indica, Sagarmatha’s Slyder.
Dutch growers vegetate Slyder until she produces between four and seven internodes, at which point they clip her central cola. She does equally well as a multi-branch or sea-of-green plant, yielding over 300 grams per square meter in SOG cultivation. At maturity, Slyder is a compact one-meter plant with conifer-like features, dark olive foliage, and pine-cone-like buds that shimmer with golden highlights and the amber hues of resin. Despite Slyder’s robust production, her perfume is too faint to cause odor security worries.
As Sagarmatha says, Slyder can be kept in the medicine box for when smokers feel anxiety, sleeplessness, post-traumatic stress or a desire for zombie-like behavior. It’s not a working hours smoke. The smoker’s arms and legs acquire a warm heaviness that feels just right on a sofa but makes walking seem like a nuisance, unless it’s to the fridge and back. The short-term memory appointment book is blank. One becomes passive and suggestible but too sleepy to get in much trouble.