Sour Diesel IBL

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Sour Diesel IBL
Reservoir Seeds
Sativa 75 / Indica 25
Origins: Colorado / New York / Massachusetts strain
Flowering: 77 days
Harvest: early November
sour-diesel-iblThis strain’s heritage draws on North American Dead Tour genetics that bring together New England and the Rockies of Colorado. Reservoir created an IBL, or “inbred line” over three years’ time in order to produce a uniform strain from a plant that was only available as a kick-ass clone. The Sour Diesel IBL has been crossed with itself to stabilize the line into a sativa-dominant indoor / greenhouse strain that reeks of lemon and fuel, and a high that can only be described as “unforgettable”.
Reservoir’s Sour Diesel IBL was specifically bred for the controlled environments of indoors given the right climate – in this case, the southern U.S., the tropics, and like latitudes. Indoors, Reservoir’s Sour Diesel IBL prefers average feedings with a recommended pH of 6.0 in hydro and soil. This strain is for growers who have their rooms and their skills dialed in. However, as long as the basic rules of thumb for growing marijuana are followed, this strain will move through its cycle looking like picture-perfect weed.
When flowered at one foot, Sour Diesel IBL roughly triples in height during flowering phase, forming the characteristic conifer-like profile. This mostly sativa strain is a good candidate for sea of green when properly pruned; FIMming also works well. Otherwise, she should be multi-topped for best results. her leaves will initially be somewhat thick and squat, thinning as the plant reaches maturity. Average flowering times run around 11 weeks, although hydro grows may ripen sooner. All growers, beginners and experienced alike, can expect average to above-average yields typical of a sativa-dominant strain – up to 1 gram per watt of indoor light.
The Reservoir Sour Diesel’s growing cycle may be comfortingly normal, but growers will find their results are far from “middle of the road”. Ripe buds are tight and photo worthy, and they reek of diesel and taste of sour lemon candy. The odor is strong enough to permeate brick walls. Serious odor control is a must for growing this sativa strain, even if you don’t have neighbors.
Sour Diesel IBL’s high is soaring, psychedelic, lemon-flavored lift into sunshine. it levels out in a clear-headed euphoria, good for most activities aside from operating heavy machinery and driving that golf cart too fast. Overindulging can limit activities to the recreational, but moderate toking puts you in a deeply good mood. It is a great stone for letting the negatives go. Many medicinal users find Sour Diesel IBL a good variety for treating sadness and pain.
As “East Coast Sour Diesel”, this strain swept the sativa categories at the 2005 International Cannagraphic’s IC420 awards. Crops from Reservoir’s Sour Diesel line won both First and Second place in the Sativa Grower’s Cup, while the seeds themselves won Third place in the Sativa Breeder’s Cup. Reservoir’s Sour Diesel also won the High Times Strain if the Year award in 2005.