Strawberry Creme

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Strawberry Creme
Riot Seeds
Written by S.T.Oner, Cannabis Sativa vol.1
Genetics: Swiss Erdbeeri (Strawberry) x Blueberry Haze
Flowering: 9-101 weeks
THC: 19%
strawberry-cremeAmerica’s Riot Seeds have done it again with this super rare sativa with some fantastic grow traits and a taste that will blow your mind. Though Strawberry Creme began life as the Swiss strain Erdbeer (which means strawberry), this strain has been backcrossed and stabilized and is now available in seed form. Thanks to its amazing flavor and buds that are coated with resin, this strain is getting more and more popular every day and is even overtaking other classic Strawberry strains in the fame stakes. Watch out for a big fat joint of it on the front of Time magazine before too long, being smoked by Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber or whatever insipid eunuch they wheel out as the next media monster. Not that I’m bitter.
Although Strawberry Creme is almost a pure sativa, the breeders at Riot Seeds have managed to bring the flowering time down to 10 weeks, which is a good while shorter than other sativa-heavy strains on the market. It is happiest in an organic soil grow in which its natural flavors are allowed to flourish, and it’s a heavy yielder so don’t be afraid to help it along with some organic nutrients and a hell of a lot of light. The plants may need a little supporting nearer harvest so it can be a good idea to stake them early on, while it is still easy to get to the stalks. By the end of the flowering period the nugs will be fairly pale but glittering with white crystals and the size of the harvest will leave you utterly shocked: it’s a monster yielder.
This strain is also helpful in treating problems like depression and nausea when used medicinally.