Tahoe Gold

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Tahoe Gold
Master Thai Organics
Indica 50 / Sativa 50
Origins: Thai / Skunk #1 x Afghan / Hindu
Flowering: 55-65 days
tahoe-goldTahoe Gold is a 50/50 sativa / indica hybrid that mixes four classic “heirloom” strains of 1970s landrace cannabis. The mother is the sativa side, a tall airy stinky-sweet bush that combines a 1975 Thai strain grown from seed with a circa 1976-1977 Skunk #1. The indica father is a cross of a 1974 Hindu Kush and a 1977 variety from Afghanistan.
This agreeable plant was bred at high altitude – just over 7,000 feet, so it fares well at low to high altitudes. Tahoe Gold grows well in any method or setup, but particularly likes coco coir and guano fertilizers. These plants spread out as they branch, but they tend to form one big fat bud on the main stem, making them suitable for a sea of green grow. Tahoe Gold plants start slowly, gaining speed as they progress, and loading on weight during the last two weeks of flowering. Plants need at least 9 weeks after flower forcing. Impatient harvesters who pluck their buds before a full 63 days will significantly decrease the yield. Outdoor flowering times are a little longer, typically about 10-11 weeks, finishing in the second half of October.
These balanced hybrids from wide pine trees with serrated medium leaves and rock hard colas. Tahoe Gold is good for both beginning growers and more experienced gardeners after a connoisseur harvest. Because these are responsive and resilient plants, they can help the beginner learn gardening basics and graduate from cannabis cultivation 101 with a completed garden of connoisseur yields. Indoor plants finish at about 6-7 feet (2 meters) and have per-plant average yields around 3.5 ounces (100g), but outdoor plants may get as tall as 10-12 feet (4 meters) and produce a whopping 4 pounds apiece.
The Tahoe Gold strain gets its name from the attractive red-gold hues f the finished buds. These colas hearken back to the 1970s when varieties such as Panama Red or Acapulco Gold were top shelf, even though this strain’s parentage derives from other geographic regions. These buds have an interesting, gilded appearance and a blissful and balanced high. Tahoe Gold invites a relaxing state of body and mind. Its functional buzz gradually takes effect, like sailing on a gentle breeze. It invites a playful and positive attitude. The smell and flavors are tropical and sweet, like a pungent berry candy. When made into hash or cooked into food, this variety can make the eyes very heavy and affect one’s balance. the breeder of Tahoe Gold is a medical user with permanent nerve damage, and this is his pot of choice for pain management. Others with chronic pain conditions may also find this strain offers effective pain relief in combination with a lucid and awake state of mind and a happy attitude.