Tanzanian Magic

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Tanzanian Magic
African Seeds
Origins: Southern Highland Tanzania sativa
Flowering: 42-56 days
Harvest: late September
tanzanian-magicAfrican Seeds’ latest strain is the genuine article – a 100% pure sativa native to the southern highlands of Tanzania, the same region where tea is grown for the Indian ocean trade.
Tanzanian Magic has a unique, fixed flowering period that is faster than other sativas. It autoflowers, so it can’t be forced by the hours of light in the day, but automatically enters the flowering cycle after it has grown for a set amount of time. Typically flowering starts after 6-8 weeks of vegetative growth. The average African sativa grown outdoors in its region of origin stays in the vegetative growth cycle for as long as 20 weeks before entering flowering.
The leaflets are pencil thin and the overall plant stays short and bushy with compact buds. Tanzanian Magic stands about 3 feet tall when it enters flowering, and will not increase much in size during this period. The flowering cycle lasts another 6-8 weeks outdoors for a start-to-finish grow time of 12-16 weeks. This variety does better than most sativas in cooler outdoor climates. Yields from outdoor plants range from 3-4 ounces to one pound per plant.
Indoors under lights, Tanzanian magic performs well in ebb-and-flow hydro system and sports a fast-paced cycle. Flowering usually begins after 6 weeks, and finishes in a month to 6 weeks. Finished flowers are more compact than the typical sativa.
Tanzanian Magic provides a burst of energy with its quick onset and electric bite. It is a high with a shorter duration so smokers can moderate how much time of the day to spend recreating with a buzz. This variety is used for medicinal and religious purposes in its homeplace. Its odor summons the harsh slightly unpleasant smokiness of ceremonial incense and the flavor may remind one of hash and bitter medicine – at once acrid, with a cast of phenol and a strong aniseed aftertaste.