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Flying Dutchmen
Sativa 85 / Indica 15
Origins: Early Thai x Original Skunk
Flowering: 63-77 days
Harvest: mid October
thai-tanicCannabis aficionados love Thai varieties, but gardeners often find them finicky to grow. Flying Dutchmen’s Thai-Tanic crosses a Thai mother with the Original Skunk #1. Skunk #1 is a legendary strain that arrived in Holland from California in the mid-1970s. Many claim it was the first stabilized hybrid in the Netherlands.
Thai-Tanic’s hybridization with Skunk is a lasting marriage. First bred by the Cultivator’s Choice in the early 1980s, this combination has thrived to be a winning match over the years. The Skunk contributes its shorter growing cycle, higher yield and easier maintenance in the garden. Lady Thai lets Skunk rule the grow, but clearly shines through in the final product’s clean taste and trippy high.
This variety produces large bracts, and medium-sized, resinous buds that resemble big foxtails. The buds keep their weight and structure when dried. The calyx-to-leaf ratio is high. Side branches proliferate but don’t stretch out as far as other sativa-dominant strains. This gives Thai-Tanic a balanced, medium profile that reaches one meter (3 feet) of height indoors under a 12/12 light cycle, or up to 3 meters (9 feet) outdoors given a full May-November growing season and no pruning. Indoors, Thai-Tanic’s growers get good results with an arrangement of 9 plants per square meter. In this setup, plants are pruned twice before they flower.
The words “Thai stick” bring a light citrus taste with an edge of tang and a chocolate chaser to the mouths of veteran pot connoisseurs. Thai-Tanic recaptures those sweet-scented memories. The buzz arrives quickly, delivering a vivid trippiness and stoking the mental furnace. Eventually this levels out to dreamy attitude as new concepts drift and play. Thai-Tanic promotes appetite and is reported as an excellent strain for relief of nausea and menstrual cramps.