The Third Dimension

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The Third Dimension
TGA Seeds
Sativa 70 / Indica 30
Origins: Apollo 13 x Jack the Ripper
Flowering: 52-70 days
Harvest: mid September
the-third-dimensionIn this sativa-dominant variety, breeder Subcool brings together three elite strains from the TGA library. The super potent Apollo 13 mother, a Subcool personal favorite, is combined with a pick of the litter male Jack the Ripper, itself a combination of the primo Jacks Cleaner and Space Queen strains. Considering the strength of these three strains, TGA feels that this hybrid is a new dimension in three-way crosses.
The Third Dimension is a fast finisher indoors, reaching ripeness in just under 8 weeks. This strain is grown best in an organic super soil mix. This variety has nice lateral branching and thrives when topped and allowed multiple heads. Expect classic results from this strain – an evergreen profile with stems as strong as the parent branches. She is a light eater, taking moderate feedings and growing well without supports.
The Third Dimension plants express two phenotypes, one that is more indica and one that is more sativa. The short indica phenotype is well suited for SCROG (screen of green), because her side branching makes a nice lower bud shelf. She shows minimal stretching and finishes very fast, in just over 7 weeks. This plant is worth cloning and has show good success in rooting. The less common sativa-dominant phenotype takes an additional 2 weeks to finish, and springs up over 5 feet tall, but her soaring high is worth the extra wait. The phenotypical variation in this strain makes her desirable to growers who love both indicas and sativas.
As Third Dimension matures, her resin spreads even to fan leaves, causing the small “sugar” leaves to curl together. Bubble hash made from these leaves melts completely at the touch of a flame. The plants’ green hues change into autumnal shades as harvest approaches. The buds are chunky and hard, with a sharp pointy shape. Cured buds are light green with brilliant orange hairs and a sticky coat of resin.
The Third Dimension fills the grow room with the dank smell of sour, overripe fruit. As the buds dry, the aromas and flavors mellow to a tropical fruit tartness. The inhale has an infusion of fruitiness that includes hints of mango, pineapple, coconut and a bit of lemon. The exhale is very soft and mellow. When smaller leaves are converted to bubble hash, it completely melts when heat is applied.
Third Dimension’s buzz is a sparkle added to the mundane day, making everything softer and funnier. In moderation, this stone is clearheaded enough for daytime enjoyment; however, this is the weed equivalent of a tropical cocktail – the light fruity flavors can make you forget the potency, so it sometimes too easy to overindulge. The Third Dimension may enhance snakcing, but is likely to rev up the imagination a bit too much to encourage sleep.