Titan’s Haze

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Titan’s Haze
Flying Dutchmen
Sativa 85 / Indica 15
Origins: The Original Haze x Skunk #1
Flowering: 84-98 days
titans-hazeThe Titans in Greek mythology were the powerful elder deities that ruled during the Golden Age. Most Titans were associated with primal elements – the ocean, earth, sun , and moon. Long after their reign, they left their mark on the world through their continued presence in the most basic and primitive aspects of the world’s composition. Titan’s Haze is a strain that unearths and carries forward certain elder deities from the marijuana kingdom’s golden age.
The Original Haze genetics in this cross are a direct descendant of the Haze Brothers California creation in the 1980s, a blend of Mexican, Colombian, Thai and south Indian strains that has a distinct connoisseur flavor and high often sought after and frequently hybridized into contemporary strains. The Flying Dutchmen’s Skunk #1 (the Pure) strain is the unadulterated progeny of the 1970s California Skunk #1. A hybrid of Colombia, Mexican, and Afghan landrace strains, the Skunk #1 is a sweet smelling plant that has balanced growth for a sativa-dominant plant. Titan’s sister plant from Flying Dutchmen, the Fuma con Diablos, reverses the cross with a Skunk #1 mother and an Original Haze father.
Titan’s Haze was created in a greenhouse and is best suited for indoor or greenhouse cultivation in soil, but can be grown outdoors in long-season equatorial climates such as Spain and southern California. Novice growers who long for sativa stash should not shy sway from this versatile Haze. She can be grown in small personal gardens or in a sea of green with little or no previous experience. Flying Dutchmen recommends limited vegetative time and 20 plants per square meter in a sea of green setup. The Titan’s Haze growth pattern is slender with a typical haze structure – wide, evenly distributed nodal spacing on moderate, graceful branches. The light green calyxes turn golden toward harvest and build to form swollen teardrop-shaped colas that outweigh many commonly grown haze varieties, with possible outdoor yields of over a kilo per plant in their homeland equatorial climate. These plants are good in high humidity or dry climates and have proven resistant to pests and molds.
When entering a room in which the Titan’s Haze has been smoked, the fragrant yet slightly acid grassy smell will make mouths water with hopes for the impending high. The taste is less sweet than many hybrids, a return to an old-school haze profile. Titan’s Haze brings back the legendary cerebral rush that sativa connoisseurs crave. The buzz soars with mildly trippy effects on heavier ouse, and a stimulating, creative impulse that endears it to artists and musicians. This is accomplished by a hint of Afghani body hit. Its powerful buzz is energizing and good for ADHD, but it may bring out a manic tendency in a naturally hyperactive person. Use caution when mixing pleasures – combined with alcoholic beverages, the potency may become unpleasant. Occasional users should show restraint to maximize enjoyment. More experiencedsativa fans will delight in the ecstatic, clean, enduring high from this haze Titan.