True Blue

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True Blue
DJ Short Seeds
Sativa 50 / Indica 50
Origins: Blueberry x Blueberry
Flowering: 55-65 days
Harvest: late September
true-blueWhen the breeder of the original Blueberry releases a variety named “True Blue”, Blueberry fans are in for a delight. DJ Short’s True Blue was carefully selected from a double Blueberry cross. The Blueberry variety originally derives from a marriage between a female with Thai and Oaxacan roots, and an Afghani indica male. The strain’s characteristic lavender tones were inherited through the mother’s genetic line.
DJ Short’s flavor connoisseurship influences his growing preference for soil-based gardens with organic nutrients, but his varieties adapt well to hydroponics, aquaponics, or aeroponics systems. True Blue has a light appetite for nutrients, especially nitrogen, although these plants will be happy with generous helpings of worm castings and bat guano.
Like her Blueberry parents, True Blue forms many branches, especially when topped, and finishes at a medium height. beginning a lusty dark green, these plants develop the soft lavenders for which they were named, as well as mouthwatering sweet musky odor. Some plants show variegated (crinkled) leaves that are a benign inheritance from the Thai family. This hybrid’s flowers have petite calyxes that form along tight spade shaped buds, taking on a fox-tail structure.
True Blue finishes in 8-9 weeks on average indoors. Outdoors, she ripens in late September to late October depending on latitude. In a location near the 45 degree North latitude, she was successfully harvested within the normal growing season. True Blue’s finished buds have photo-worthy color, and their aroma mellows from its musky quality to a fruity floral sachet once cured.
The True Blue is a lucid, inspiring, social high that creeps up gradually. this is pot to share!. Friends will admire the connoisseur flavors, and the warm euphoria of True Blue’s stone will make for a fun and congenial smoke-out.