Urban Poison

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Urban Poison
Nirvana Seeds
Sativa 60 / Indica 40
Origins: Durban Poison x NL
Flowering: 60 days
urban-poisonDon’t be frightened away by this strain’s ominous name. Urban Poison is a new indoor version of the famous Durban Posion from South Africa. The famed Durban Poison is mostly sativa landrace. In this strain, nirvana has crossed Durban Poison with Northern Lights and then backcrossed the hybrid with the parent Durban Poison again. The result is a mostly-sativa variety that retains the juniper flavor and trippy high of its South African parent.
The Urban Posion structure and potency is that of the modern indoor production strains: uniform, stable, and compact. The leaves are medium to thin light green tones and lots of leaflets. As it grows, Urban Poison takes on the characteristic Christmas-tree shape. The sativa dominance is offset by a significant blend of indica, making it a fairly robust plant that is easy to grow and accomodating of temperature fluctuations within reason. These plants do well in soil, and given the minimal branching, they conform well to a sea of green setup. Organic are recommended to bring out the depth of flavors. While this variety is well adapted to indoor gardens, it is a fine choice for outdoor gardens. When planted in may, it finishes by the end of October. Outdoor plants will gain 2/3 of their final height during the flowering phase, with maximum sizes of 9 feet (3 meters).
The Urban Poison buds are rather tight, long, and spongy. The smell is strong but has accents that distinguish it from the average strain. The fresh pine and juniper smells remind one of the smells in the forest, walking under a canopy of high cedar trees where pine needles blanket the ground.
Once cured, Urban Poison buds crumble nicely and burn evenly. The up effect creeps into consciousness and then through the body, with a long lifespan to the high. This is an urban brain safari. It has a cheerful alert quality that is great for energetic activities such as dancing, playing soccer or Frisbee, or cleaning anything. Many people will find something special in the deep woodsy aroma and flavor that has just a touch of haze.