Vanilla Kush

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Vanilla Kush

Seed Bank: Barney’s Farm

Genetics: Indica 80%, Sativa 20%

Origins: Afghani Kush x Kashmir
Flowering: 50-60 days

Cannabis Cup Winner 2009

This incredible Indica-dominant strain is one of the most full-flavored and potent we’ve ever offered. The plant produces large, dense colas covered with red and gold trichromes.
Flowerscure to magnificent looking buds with a scent of wild vanilla and lavender.

The aromas are concentrated and offer sweet, multi-dimensional flavors.
Effect it a strong, long lasting and relaxing high. Bag appeal 10/10.

Vanilla Kush combines a fast flowering Afghan strain with the unique Kashmir seeds collected by Barneys in the mid-1980s. Vanilla Kush marries the Indica strength of the best Afghani genetics with the high mountain aromas of the Kashmir valley. Vanilla Kush grows to a medium height with bushy side branches. These give healthy yields of dense colas, covered with beautiful red and gold calyx. The flowers then cure to produce magnificent buds that encapsulate the scent of wild vanilla and pine. The result is a strong, long lasting and relaxing high.

Indica 80%
Sativa 20%
Origins Afghani Kush x Kashmir
Flowering 50 - 60 Days
THC 22%