White KC

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White KC
KC Brains
Origins: White Widow x KC special select, KC33, & Afghani
Flowering: 42-77 days
Harvest: mid October
white-kcKC has crossed a special select marijuana strain of his own with KC 33 and a 1995 White Widow, then mixed in an Afghani-like plant to form the White KC. This plant has retained the appearance of the White family, growing to a medium height and revealing considerable resin production at maturation.
The cross gave White KC a speedier flowering time, making it suitable for outdoor growing in temperate zones. This variety is not a big fan of the cold, and tends to be particular about frost and other weather conditions. it offers more consistent results when gardening indoors, where it can be grown using any standard method, although trimming those fat, light-blocking leaves is important to maximizing the bud production.
Expect big chunky buds from this indica plant. White KC is also a good choice for the grower interested in processing for hash, given it prodigious output of resin. With a fruity scent, and a soft, subtle fruity flavor, this variety’s heavy stone may make you feel like pulling a Rip van Winkle.