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Origins: Humboldt, California
Flowering: 65 days
Harvest: late October
yumboldtGiven to Sagarmatha from a long-time grower in the fabled hills of Humboldt County California, Yumboldt is yummy Humboldt pot. This variety is by and large the epitome of what one expects from pot – it smells exactly like you’d expect pot to smell, and gets you high in that droopy eyelid, sedated, dreamlike way that is usually satirized as the stereotypical stoner. Its expansion characteristics make it likely that you’ll even get the trademark hacking cough after a big toke.
The taste is like the fine California sinsemilla from the late 1970s. A rich, aromatic and flavorful pot, Yumboldt has a pungent, woodsy smell that carries. If you carry this grass around in your pocket, your friends might start looking expectant and ask when you’re going to get around to rolling one up. The buzz is very comfortable and stoney, producing a dreamy demeanor that may phase into actual napping.
A nice chunky indica strain, Yumboldt produces fat leaves and buds that look and smell like baby pine cones. Flowering can begin after a vegetation period of approximately 2 weeks. This hardy variety is great for the outdoor weather in California, where it used to be unknown as “Bolt” back in the old days because of the strength and pungency of the buds. Yumboldt also does well indoors, in whatever setup you prefer, with an average height of 3 feet.