My Top Autoflowering Cannabis Seed Picks

September 15, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Marijuana Articles

My Top 5 Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds are extremely popular today.
There was a time when many growers were convinced that autoflowering seeds were just a fad, a hype and would disappear from the market shortly; due to a lack of quality.
But today’s genetics of autoflowering seeds are pretty impressive and many growers are starting to use them and believe that their are many special qualities of these cannabis seed varieties. Due to the growing popularity of autoflowering marijuana seeds, I came up with my own Top 5 Best Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds!

1 – Critical Jack Autoflowering


Seed Bank: Dinafem Seeds

Genetics: Ruderalis: 25%, Sativa: 20%, Indica: 55%

Critical Jack Autoflowering is a cannabis strain from Dinafem Seeds and is probably the most popular autoflowering marijuana strain in Spain.
Critical Jack is a crossing between the incredible popular Critical + and the always fantastic Jack Herer strain.
This hybrid has been backcrossed a few times with Lowryder #2 by Dinafem Seeds to make it fully autoflowering.
Besides the many very positive reports you can find online about the Critical Jack Autoflowering (mostly on Spanish forums), we have seen a large outdoor crop in Spain which totally blew our mind.
Plants looked totally amazing with hard, tight buds, completely covered with resin.
The plants had a very strong smell with an intense, sweet flavour.
The Critical Jack Autoflowering finishes its life cycle within 70 days.
From seed to harvest!

2 – Fast Haze


Seed Bank: AC Genetics

Genetics: Ruderalis, Indica, Sativa

Fast Haze from AC Genetics is a crossing between Lowryder #2 and a short-flowering Dutch Haze.
The result is an autoflowering Haze strain with a grow and flowering period of only 75 – 80 days.
And that’s from seed to harvest!
Since most autoflowering cannabis seeds out there are more influenced by indica genetics instead of sativa, we could not wait to try the Fast Haze.
Our try with the Fast Haze surprised us in many ways. The yield was incredible, the smell sweet and intense and the effect was what you can expect from a Haze strain; an energetic, yet calm sativa-high.
The high was a bit milder than regular sativa strains, which sometimes can be too heavy for some smokers, so the Fast Haze is an extremely nice ‘daytime sativa-smoke’.
The Fast Haze, with its typical sativa looks, grew very quickly and we had no troubles at all growing them into mature cannabis plants.
We simply love Haze strains and the autoflowering Fast Haze from AC Genetics should be on everyone’s list who loves sativa’s and wants to grow an autoflowering cannabis variety.
Totally recommended.

3 – AutoBlueberry


Seed Bank: Dutch Passion

Genetics: Ruderalis/Indica

Blueberry is one of the strains in our ‘Top 10 Best Cannabis Strains’, so when Dutch Passion introduced AutoBlueberry, their autoflowering version of Blueberry, we could not wait to see the results.
They used their best Blueberry genetics and crossed it with Cannabis ruderalis genetics from Canada.
They backcrossed it till the F4 generation to make it fully autoflowering and completely stable.
Dutch Passion certainly succeeded to incorporate the qualities of Blueberry into this autoflowering version, including the light blue/purple coloring, the famous characteristic of Blueberry. The scent and flavor of AutoBlueberry is fairly sweet and fruity, just like the regular Blueberry.
The strength and quality of the high is above average.
Thanks Dutch Passion for this great autoflowering cannabis strain!

4 – Vertigo


Seed Bank: Paradise Seeds

Genetics: Indica 60%, Sativa 30%, Ruderalis 10%

Vertigo is an outstanding autoflowering cannabis variety from Paradise Seeds.
It’s a crossing between a Cannabis ruderalis and a fine indica/sativa hybrid.
The seeds from Vertigo come from the third generation of breeding and this resulted in a very stable and reliable autoflowering marijuana strain.
Vertigo produces an outstanding amount of thick, hard and resinous buds with an intense fruity flavour.
The effect is strong, but relaxed.
Vertigo can reach a height of 1 meter, sometimes even a bit taller, which is quite tall for an autoflowering cannabis variety.
Vertigo is also one of the quickest autoflowering strains on the market.
Vertigo can already be harvested after 60 days, so it’s a perfect strain for the commercial growers.
With Vertigo Paradise Seeds has put its name on the map of autoflowering cannabis seeds.

5 – Rapid Afghan


Seed Bank: AC Genetics

Genetics: Ruderalis, Indica, Sativa

The second autoflowering variety of AC Genetics in our Top 5.
Rapid Afghan is a crossing between Lowryder #2 and an Afghan x Skunk hybrid.
We had extremely good results this year with an outdoor crop of Rapid Afghan.
Even though we had a bad summer, the Rapid Afghan did extremely well outdoors.
While the conditions were far from optimum, the Rapid Afghan formed large, resinous colas with the typical Afghan smell.
The taste and effect were surprisingly good and totally convinced us of the quality of the Rapid Afghan.
We would love to hear from someone who has experience with growing the Rapid Afghan indoors.

My Top Autoflowering Seed Honorable Mention

1a – Lowryder #2


Seed Bank: Joint Doctor (Lowryder)

Genetics: Ruderalis, Indica

The Lowryder #2 is a strain from ‘The Joint Doctor’ and is the sequel of the famous Lowryder #1, which was the first commercial autoflowering cannabis strain on the market.
To create Lowryder #2 a Lowryder #1 was crossed with the exotic Santa Maria from Brazil.
The result was an autoflowering cannabis strain with a better taste, a better high and a bigger yield than the original Lowryder #1.
While the Lowryder #1 was not a huge success due a lack of quality, the Lowryder #2 changed the opinion of many growers around the world.
Thanks to the popularity of Lowryder #2 many (professional) breeders started to experiment with autoflowering cannabis varieties.
These days most marijuana seed banks have one or more autoflowering cannabis strains in their catalogue and almost all of them use the Lowryder #2 as their starting point in their quest to come up with the best autoflowering strain.
To be honest, most autoflowering strains from other seed banks who used the Lowryder #2 succeeded to create new autoflowering strains which are actually better in taste, effect and yield than the Lowryder #2.
That’s the reason the Lowryder #2 is not in our Top 5, but Lowryder #2 wrote some serious history though, so out of huge respect for the Lowryder #2 and its breeder ‘The Joint Doctor’ it definitely deserves an Honorable mention in our Top 5 of Autoflowering cannabis strains!