Red Diesel

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Red Diesel

Seed Bank: Barney’s Farm

Genetics: Sativa 50%, Indica 50%

The famoud NYC Diesel taste blends beautifully with the sweet ripe Citrus of the Californian Orange Plant.
This hardy, medium-sized plant will develop strong side branches that fill out with beautifully large, resin-filled colas. The plant needs supporting in its last three weeks of flowering.

The powerful, long-lasting effects combine the best of a trippy, cerebral Sativa high with the relaxing, tranquil characteristics of Indica.

To improve the ever-popular NYC Diesel, Barney’s Farm brought together East Coast and West Coast genetics by crossing it with a superb California Indica strain.

Indica 50%
Sativa 50%
Origins Californian Orange x NYC Diesel
Flowering 60 - 70 Days
THC 20%