White Satin

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White Satin
Mandala Seeds
Indica 50 / Sativa 50
Origins: Punjab, North India
Flowering: 65 days
Harvest: mid October
white-satinThis robust variety is subtle in aroma and silky smooth in taste. White Satin is a good choice for the novice gardener and experiences grower alike. She combines genetics from one of the historic homes of great landrace genetics, the area of Punjab, North India, to deliver the triple threat of power, quality and flexibility with a relatively short flowering time of 65 days.
White Satin has a slim growth pattern, with medium-long side shoots and a generous main bud that is perfect for sea of green from seed or clone. This 50/50 indica/sativahybrid is also versatile enough to make a good SCROG or multi-branch plant. White Satin’s main flower power is located on her central stem, but her side shoots also deliver quality “nuggets”. The stems are firm and can easily support heavy colas in outdoor locations. Even under low light, such as under fluorescent tubes, White Satin’s performance is very satisfying; however, for optimal yields, mandala recommends 400 watts or more per square meter. White Satin also performs well when grown in soil with organic nutrients. This strain’s medium height, good yield and well-balanced, intensive high have harvested with fairly minimal effort.
Because White Satin can develop an extremely large and dense main cola, during the last 2 weeks of flowering it’s a good idea to keep humidity under 50%, and temperature above 68 degrees F in the dark cycle, as a preventive measure against mold. Outdoors, she does best up to 48 degrees latitude or in climates with a dry autumn.
White Satin’s buds are characterized by a broad oval shape and large calyxes. The most resinous plants will cover many leaves with trichomes and provide an extra treat for hash enthusiasts. White Satin’s growing odor is light and stealthy, but pleasant. The cured buds exude a mild apricot aroma and a fresh sweet taste. This is a pleasure smoke, with a fresh, mentally stimulating high, but no heavy body or mind incapacitation. That make her a great, functional choice for a daytime enjoyment.